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MySwing has products for you choose from that will fit your teaching style and budget

MySwing Professional

Full Body  (17 Body Sensors + Shaft Sensor)

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MySwing R/T

Kinematic Sequence  (5 Body Sensors + Shaft Sensor)

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MySwing Balance

Pressure Plate


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  • Record, analyze, and store full-body, upper-body, and kinematic sequence swing with the MySwing Professional.
  • Capture, measure, and compare six preset physical screens
  • Free Motion Capture allows you see any movement in real-time, or capture the movement and store for later review.
  • View tilts, rotations, angles, and more in real-time or when viewing a recorded capture.
  • Integrates with FlightScope and TrackMan
  • Visual and Audio Biofeedback
  • Compare your students’ swing to tour swing and tour averages
  • Create and email a professional PDF

Price: $6,000

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Add another tool to your teaching arsenal with the innovative MySwing Balance. 

What do we measure?

  • Center of pressure (CoP)
  • Pressure velocity
  • Vertical load
  • Stance width
  • Swing tempo

Why is MySwing Balance better?

  • Durable – military-grade tough
  • Indoor-outdoor with easy-to-carry design
  • Lays flat and won’t twist, even on wet grass
  • Real-time visual and audio biofeedback training
  • Wireless Wifi connection
  • Intuitive iPad App 

Price: $3,500

Deposit for December shipment $350 Contact Us for payment details

To order your MySwing Balance Click here or call us at 480-247-2144.


  • Capture, measure and analysis full kinematic swings
  • Real-time biofeedback trainer with visual and audio cues
  • Measure, set, and train:
  1. Rotations
  2. Tilts
  3. Angles
  • Integrates with FlightScope and TrackMan
  • Compare student’s results to tour averages
  • Capture full kinematic sequence swings (including the club)
  • Suit up, calibrate, and record swings in a matter of minutes
  • Move from recording to training with a click of a button

Last Price: $1,800

Upgradable to other MySwing systems

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