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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Leader in ball tracking and radar technology collaborates with MySwing Golf, bringing body motion and ball flight together for "cause and effect"

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What    Experts    are    Saying    about    mySwing    Professional
Full-body 3D motion analysis of the golf swing is the wave of the future, and mySwing is unique in that it makes it easy, affordable and practical for all golf instructors to use in their daily lessons. It will take instruction to a whole new level.

-Dr. Phil Cheetham

The 3D Guy

I have two Golden Rules, "thou shall not make the student worse" and "thou shall allow the student to have fun." MySwing does both!

-Mike Adams

There are things that you absolutely cannot see using 2D! MySwing allows me, and the player, to see precisely what the issue(s) are. And more importantly, gives us the ability to make corrections on the fly!

-Chuck Evans

Executive Director of Instruction, Medicus Golf

MySwing allows me to benchmark effectively and store precise data so that my students can truly see their progression.

-Tim Mahoney

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