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MySwing Professional

MySwing Pro is the affordable, state-of-the-art, 3D system to analyze and store full-body motion capture. Golf teaching professionals use it for precise screens, improved teaching, and as a revenue-producing tool. The MySwing Pro package comes complete with sensors, software, carrying/charging case, and training.

to making players better faster:

Capturing data has never been easier. With the wireless, full body indoor/outdoor, 3D motion capture system you will setup, suit up, and calibrate in minutes not taking away from the valuable time with your student.

Data has never been more important in golf. Quantifiable data is a must and MySwing Professional is the solution. The angles, speeds and velocities of the golf swing is vital to a full understanding of the motion.

Comparing today’s swing with a previous swing is important to identifying areas for improvement. MySwing Professional uploads captured swings to MyLocker, a cloud-based database that gives you the ability to store, access, and review all of your student’s swings.

How will YOU Benefit From MySwing Professional?

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Repeat Business & Happy Students

  • Data to Back Up Your Expertise

  • No Specialized Facilities Necessary

  • Easy To Understand & Interpret

  • Less Time Setting Up & More Time Teaching


What Are They Saying About MySwing Professional?

“I have two Golden Rules, ‘thou shall not make the student worse’ and ‘thou shall allow the student to have fun.’ MySwing does both!”

Mike Adams

2016 PGA Teacher of the Year

“There are things that you absolutely cannot see using 2D! MySwing allows me, and the player, to see precisely what the issues are. And more importantly, gives us the ability to make corrections on the fly!”

Chuck Evans

Executive Director of Instruction, Chuck Evans Golf

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

“Awesome teaching tool! Provides immediate feedback. My students love it and as a teacher it helps me to get them to ‘get it’ so much faster. Thank you MySwing for creating this technology we can use on the range.”

Peggy Gustafson

LPGA Instructor

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MySwing Golf, Inc. is the leader in wireless, full-body motion capture technology. We’re committed to using cutting-edge technology to create innovative and practical tools for sports professionals.
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