Physical Screens

MySwing shines in capturing physical screens. See what you can't see with your eyes in just minutes with our skeletal avatar.

MySwing is the trainer's tool to find asymmetries and potential injury points quickly.

Strength and fitness trainers can measure and benchmark range-of-motion for players.


We have built-in screens, in addition to a free capture mode where you can capture any movement and compare player screens to measure progress and be sure injured players are ready to return to full duty.


Why guess when you can measure?

Nothing compares to MySwing.


MySwing Baseball is the state-of-the-art coaching and fitness tool for baseball.

MySwing Baseball (incorporationg the bat) is a separate application that we operate as a service, capturing your players so there is no learning curve or burden on coaches and trainers.

We can capture indoors or outdoors, from over 50 yards away.

MySwing Golf can capture pitching and batting body movement in Free Capture Mode. There is no bat, but you can measure tilts, angles and rotations of the body.


MySwing is the perfect platform for player development.

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