See the things you can't see

MySwing 3D

Create a full 3D avatar in just minutes with wireless, lightweight MySwing - the most advanced, portable 3D system in golf. ​

See the things you can't see with cameras or your eyes and turn your lessons into an incredible experience.


Nothing compares with MySwing.


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Three 3D systems to fit

your teaching style and budget:

MySwing Professional

(full-body 3D)

MySwing Express

(upper-body 3D)

MySwing Trainers

(live biofeedback)

MySwing Professional - the ultimate 3D system


Setup indoors or outdoors in minutes.

17 sensors, 9DOF and includes full-body tilts, angles, rotations, wrist angles, Center of Mass, swing planes and much, much more.

Includes a free-capture mode to record and analyze any movement, e.g. physical screens.

Integrates with launch monitors.

Compare two swings and includes tour swings and movement ranges.

Includes a fully automatic .pdf swing report.

Use live audio/visual biofeedback

Scale to 11 or 5 sensors, plus 5 or 2-sensor biofeedback mode

MySwing Express

MySwing Express is a powerful introduction into the world of 3D.


An 11 sensor, upper-body system.


3DOF, includes biofeedback and .pdf report (coming soon).

Upgrade to MySwing Pro at any time.

MySwing Trainers

Two Live  Biofeedback Trainers

MySwing 5T is a five-sensor audio-visual biofeedback trainer with pelvis, ribcage, and full lead arm. 

MySwing 2T is a two-sensor audio/visual biofeedback trainer with pelvis and ribcage with all the features of the 5T except for the arm. 

You're in control - set minimum and maximum rotations, tilts, angles at address, top and impact, even lead arm adduction with the 5T.

This powerful tool has a quick ROI and helps students get better faster while you work with multiple students.

MySwing Balance

MySwing Balance

This is a truly great tool getting rave reviews.

It's everything you want and need - durable, portable and affordable.

Rugged, military-grade construction.
Won't twist, even on wet grass . Thin design - fold it and zip it.
Wireless connection to iPad or Win app.
Heel-toe, CoP trace, stance width, vertical load, pressure velocity, swing tempo,
live, audio-visual CoP biofeedback!

MySwing Pricing

MySwing Professional: US$ 5,995 + shipping

MySwing Express: US$ 2,995 + shipping

MySwing 5T Trainer: US $1,495 + shipping

MySwing 2T Trainer: US$ 895 + shipping

MySwing Balance: US$ 3,995 + shipping

Account transfer: US$800

Note: Sometimes we have lightly used demo systems available that have been updated to the latest firmware, tested and calibrated to factory specs.

We are the developers of MySwing. Contact us before buying a used system from anyone else.

 Let us know and we will provide you with a temporary password to take MySwing Professional software for a test drive!

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